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Where is The Cloud?

We all send documents to others online. We receive tax returns from our CPA, we send our client’s proposals, we send credit card authorizations and W9’s. Ever wonder how secure it is to send these over the Internet?

What is the Cloud?

When you store documents online, you are probably sending them through the cloud. The cloud is a marketing term for computers and the data that reside on the Internet.


With millions of people logged into the Internet daily, you probably are wondering how safe it is to store documents there.

What is Cloud Security?

Most data passed around the Internet is unsecured, meaning it goes from one computer to the next without being encrypted. Encryption is the process of scrambling the data so that it is not easily interpreted by others (it looks like gobbledy gook to anyone that intercepts it).


A prime example of this is email, which by default is unsecured, so if a hacker intercepts it, they could see the text of the email without having to figure out how to decrypt it.

Cloud security is a method of encrypting sensitive data so that when it is sent over the Internet, it cannot be interpreted by others.


Is there a Better Way?

The best way to send sensitive documents is to send them in encrypted format. For email, you can transmit using secure email services. For documents, you can use secure file transfer services like The TriggerBox.


How does The TriggerBox Work?

The TriggerBox works by encrypting your files and transmitting them using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is simply a technical term that refers the way it encrypts the document prior to transmitting over the Internet and when you receive it, it automatically decrypts it so that your recipient can read it.

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By using The TriggerBox, you eliminate the probability that someone will nab your document and be able to read it.


How Would I Send a Document Using The TriggerBox?

It’s really easy:

  1. Sign up for a TriggerBox account
  2. Upload a document, choose your recipient(s)
  3. It automatically encrypts the document and sends your recipient(s) an email letting them know they have received a document
  4. The recipient taps on the link provided in the email and opens the document securely.

If you would like to see more about The TriggerBox does, watch this video.

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