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Leaving a Lasting Legacy

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Do you ever wonder how you will be remembered? What you leave behind is your legacy. Building a legacy takes a thoughtful approach because it can be quickly forgotten or it can live on long after we’re gone.


Some tips for preserving your legacy:

1-Build Strong Family Bonds

When our kids were born, I woke up every night with my wife for nightly feedings. Once the kids began school, I attended every school and sporting event. I remember thinking that I didn’t want them to grow up. But they are grown now and in college. But we still talk every couple of days and stay plugged in with each other. We travel together, we spend quality time.

This strong family bond is very important to me, it’s what our kids will remember when we are no longer here.


2-Rekindle Old Relationships

Do you ever connect with high school friends, college mates or peers from prior jobs? If you haven’t connected with them lately, seek them out on Facebook or LinkedIn and rekindle those old relationships.

Clear away past judgments or issues — this will be empowering and will give you a renewed sense of joy about fostering those relationships.


3-Embrace Your Passions

Life gets busy and as we age, we sometimes lose sight of our passions. It may be playing a musical instrument, doing something adventurous, traveling, or exercising.

By embracing our passions, others get to know who we really are.

4-Start a Blog

If you want your grandkids and future generations to really know you, consider creating a blog.

A blog can live on for future generations to see and they will learn your passions, and how you lived your life.



Volunteering is a great way to help others and will shape your legacy. My favorite charity is Habitat for Humanity and I volunteer often.

You will be surprised how much joy you bring to others and your own life by volunteering your time and resources.


6-Create a Legacy Box

No matter how many memories you accumulate, your loved ones won’t be able to remember them all. Collect stories, photos, videos, blog posts, and more to share. Store those artifacts into a legacy box for your family to access once you are no longer with them. I use Trigger Box to store my legacy box because it’s easy to setup and use.



With just a few steps, you can begin being methodical about creating your legacy and preserving your memories for future generations.


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