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Learn how to Motivate (and Inspire)

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We’ve all met people we admire. People that inspire and motivate us. It may be a teacher, spiritual leader, coach, or business leader. What is it about these people that trigger that admiration? Below are 3 easy steps to learn how to inspire and motivate others.


Set a Good Example

Leaders strive to set a good an example for others. They live life intentionally and spend time on activities that they are dialed into. They offer assistance and mentor others without making a big deal of it and they don’t ask for anything in return. Observe people that you admire. Think about what it is about their behavior that inspires and motivates you. Then mimic that behavior and you will begin to see others looking to you for inspiration.


Be a Good Listener

People want to be heard. They want to know that other people understand their life and genuinely care about their welfare. The next time you’re with a friend or peer, focus on listening. Really listening — don’t tune out as they speak. Once they are done speaking, think about your own life experiences and how it may relate to what they are telling you. Then share that with them.


Be a Decision Maker

Many of us have a hard time making decisions. We labor over every detail, procrastinate and weigh out a myriad of options. Have you ever noticed that strong leaders ask for opinions, quickly assess what’s important, and then make a decision?


Leaders don’t always follow the advice from their peers, but they seek their advice to see if there are gaps in their thinking. Once a decision is made, they may make adjustments. The decision they make will not always be the right one, but by making a decision, you can quickly determine if it’s right or wrong and adjust when needed. That’s what great leaders do.

Become an Avid Learner

It’s easy to learn from other leaders because many of them have blogs and websites that showcase leadership and motivational articles. Here are some you might consider:


Study people that you admire. Learn how they conduct themselves and mimic their behavior. Before long, you will be a mentor that inspires and motivates others.


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