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How about an app that can make you beautiful?

If you’ve ever create a selfie or photo of a friend and it did not turn out well, you can fix it with Facetune.

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What Facetune Is

The Facetune app is all about improving your photos. We all create photos that are not picture perfect.

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Correcting photos with tools like Photoshop can be

expensive and hard to learn. With Facetune, you can smooth blemishes, erase imperfections, whiten teeth, and cover over gray hair. You can even reshape jawlines, apply makeup, reshape noses, and much more.


Once you open a photo, you can choose an action (like to smooth an area of skin) and correct it:

You can also whiten teeth and enhance your smile. You can even make smiles wider and more pronounced:


Removing pimples and other facial blemishes is a breeze:

Once you’ve edited a photo, you can quickly compare it to the original.

Who Made It

Lightricks Ltd is the developer of Facetune.

Why Facetune is Awesome

Facetune is awesome because you can quickly fix selfies and other photos without purchasing expensive photo editing software like Photoshop. It’s easy to use and quick to learn.


Download for iPhone | Download for Android

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